MyoGrapher on Github

The graph plotter from dzhu's myo-raw refactored into a class to be used independently

drawLines = True & curve = False  

drawLines = False  

How to install

first download:
$ git clone then install:
$ cd MyoGrapher && python install and if you have to install it as root use
$ sudo -H python install if you don't use the -H flag you'll only be able to import it as root.

How to use

from MyoGrapher import MyoGrapher  
mg = MyoGrapher()  
#for generic use
mg.plot(values, drawLines=False, curve=True)  
#for myo use
mg.emg_plot(values, drawLines=False, curve=True)  

You have to use a list of floating points to feed the plotting functions, even if it contains just one value, MyoGrapher splits the screen accordingly.

Ahmed Alsharif

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